Hello Vivid readers! Here’s Pablo René-Worms, back to bring you your favourite newsletter on everything you need to know about finance, stocks and crypto, Stocks and the City.

Oh boy, what a week. The last few days were especially good for those who invested in altcoins. For example, Solana rallied like crazy and FTX Token did the same. We explained both for you here and here. But the week was not just about rallying crypto coins. Stocks also did well, as the S&P 500 kept hitting record highs after another. So yes, rejoice yourself and take some time to enjoy…

Hello, it’s me, Pablo René-Worms. I missed talking to you! There are few things I enjoy more than our Stocks and the City newsletter to get in touch with you, our readers.

Last week started well, with the U.S. stock market reaching a new peak. I was wondering on Tuesday if we had actually reached one and it seems like investors pretty much had the same feeling. Since then, stocks have been falling, as if suddenly investors got really scared by the delta variant and that it might prevent the economy from recovering.
But don’t worry, last week was not all…

Hey folks! Stephanie Luzon here, at the helm of Stocks and the City for this week, your favourite newsletter with everything you need to know about finance, stocks and crypto.

Many of us here at Vivid are enjoying some well deserved holidays and cheering for our countries at the Tokyo Olympics. Athletes are not the only ones hitting world records. Markets kept reaching all-time highs as well. Best not to question it. New Covid variants keep appearing every week, and cases are surging again; we’ll have to see if that sours the good mood markets have been in lately.


Hey everyone! Here, Paula Cabrito de la Torre, back at the helm of this week’s Stocks and the City, the sassiest newsletter out there for anything you need to know about finance, stocks and crypto.

How’s your summer going? Lots of plans? The markets have also been quite busy this past week. A handful of large companies have reported earnings and in general they have been quite positive. In fact in many cases they have been at all time highs. Investors in carmakers must be celebrating, because manufacturers such as Tesla and Volkswagen made historic record profits despite production being…

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Hey everyone! It’s Paula Cabrito de la Torre at the helm today. Your favourite financial newsletter is back to bring you the highlights of the last seven days and the most important events to come. Here it is, a new dose of Stocks and the City!

Summer is in full swing and, as far as the new variants of the coronavirus allow it, investors are going on holidays. Movements in the markets sometimes get weird, because the volume of shares traded is smaller.

The Internet, however, is everywhere and doesn’t rest in summer. We told you a few days ago…

Hi everyone! It’s Oliver Sachgau, back at the helm and ready to give you your weekly dose of your financial news. Welcome back to Stocks and the City.

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but at least here in Berlin, we’ve finally gotten a short break from the absolutely brutal summer temperatures. Luckily, hot weather doesn’t just make my productivity plummet, it also causes stock markets to slow down. Company executives and investors take vacations like the rest of us, which means stock prices stop moving so wildly. Unless there’s big breaking news. Or some sort of global event, like, say, a global pandemic.

Are any of you taking vacations? It’s not just me who wants to know. Investors are very curious as…

Hi everyone! Here’s Pablo René-Worms providing your weekly dose of your favourite financial newsletter: Stocks and the City.

Last week has been quite crazy and nerve-wrecking, right? For most of my friends it has been about two topics. The UEFA Euro 2020 (but I guess this is not the right place to talk about it), and Tuesday’s new crypto crash. In case you missed it, last Tuesday Bitcoin fell under the $30,000 mark, the first time it’s been that low since January 2021.

What caused the crash? The culprit seems to be a new set of legislation passed in China…

Le Black Friday est l’un des événements shopping les plus importants de l’année, aussi bien pour les magasins que pour les consommateurs. Si cette journée est souvent synonyme d’économies, elle est également pour les commerçants l’occasion de réaliser un bénéfice non négligeable : en effet, les clients en quête de bonnes affaires ont souvent tendance à dépenser plus que prévu.

2020 est une année sans précédent. Les achats en ligne ont gagné du terrain en raison de la crise sanitaire, et la distinction entre le Black Friday et le Cyber Monday est encore plus floue qu’elle ne l’était déjà.


Der Black Friday gehört zu den größten Shopping-Events des Jahres, sowohl für Geschäfte als auch für Käufer. Er ist nicht nur für sensationelle Rabatte bekannt, sondern auch als der Tag, an dem der Einzelhandel seine größten Gewinne erzielt. Warum? Weil Käufer, die nach Schnäppchenangeboten suchen, oft mehr ausgeben als geplant.

Dieses Jahr läuft alles etwas anders als sonst. Durch die Coronavirus-Pandemie shoppen viele Käufer online, sodass die Unterschiede zwischen dem Black Friday und dem Cyber Monday noch kleiner sind als je zuvor.

Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass du dir die Black Friday-Schnäppchen entgehen lassen solltest, insbesondere wenn du gut vorbereitet…

Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, for stores as much as for shoppers. While it’s well known for sometimes headline-worthy discounts, it’s also the day when retailers make most of their profits. Why? Because shoppers hunting for deals often spend more than they originally planned.

This year is different than most. As the coronavirus pandemic has shifted lots of shopping online, the distinction between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is even more blurred than usual.

None of this means you should skip out on Black Friday, especially if you’re prepared. …

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