Stocks and the City: Week of June 28

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Last week has been quite crazy and nerve-wrecking, right? For most of my friends it has been about two topics. The UEFA Euro 2020 (but I guess this is not the right place to talk about it), and Tuesday’s new crypto crash. In case you missed it, last Tuesday Bitcoin fell under the $30,000 mark, the first time it’s been that low since January 2021.

What caused the crash? The culprit seems to be a new set of legislation passed in China. The new laws banned cryptocurrency mining in many regions of the country, where most crypto mining happens. Some crypto miners are now leaving the country looking for better horizons. It might be worth it for you to keep a closer eye on crypto news in the next weeks, as things might change super fast, and the price of the cryptocurrencies you may own will surely move a lot in response. An easy way to do it is to keep on reading Vivid’s Invest Feed, where we will follow closely all this for you.

Here’s what you missed over at Vivid Editorial

We covered many different and diverse topics this week. From post-lockdown money tips, to trying to understand what is the point of blockchain when it’s not used for crypto, we really diversified.

In the Invest Feed, we’ve written about how the music industry is spending crazy amounts of money to buy the catalog of famous artists. We also told you why it is so hard to buy a PS5 right now, and explained everything you need to know about investing in the industrial sector.

Are you spending too much money now that lockdown is ending? Oliver gave us his tips on how to keep those good money habits going post-lockdown.

You thought the blockchain is only useful for cryptocurrencies? Stephanie is debunking this myth for you in her first article for Vivid Money. Welcome Stephanie!

UEFA Euro 2020 is hitting full stride and maybe it’s time for you to look into investing in sport. I dug into Nike’s earnings and wrote your investor’s guide to the company right here.

What you can expect from this week:

What should you look into this week? From earnings reports to economic events, we’ve summed everything up for you.

  • Not much to notice on the earnings report side this week. Summer is here and executives in companies tend to talk more about their soon-to-come holidays than their companies’ earnings.
  • In European economic events, the EU will publish its consumer price index on Wednesday, which helps measure the inflation. On the same day, Great Britain, will announce its Gross Domestic Product numbers, which will give an indication of the country’s economic recovery.
  • In the U.S., there will be no major economic events this week. Still, there will be reports about the Consumer Confidence and the Housing Price Index, which are often a good indicator of the economical situation of the U.S. population.

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